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Новое в Эволюции

Учебник Нового Времени для старшеклассников и студентов о законах Эволюции Духа и эволюции Природы. Составлен на основе работы, готовящейся для диссертации в период с 1998 по 2005 гг "С обратной стороны эволюции, или Когда Дарвин ошибался?"

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The introduction to the manuscript

New in Evolution Theory

the cover of the book

Whether human beings had their origin from monkeys or if this book denies Darvin's theory? It is known for a long time that evolution is a real fact, not a kind of speculation. Nature laws act invariably and the basic one is developing in a spiral.

Well-known persons from our past – K. Linney, J-B. Lamark and Ch-R. Darvin – are three whales whose opinions tempested the whole Science World, gathering around themselves thunderbolts of their opponents, no less sticklers' protection within. Either Linney or Lamark, each in his time, was a point of an iceberg, rising above the Biology Building (which we still have a lot of unfinished parts in). It seemed, what else could we cook? Maybe some of these scientists’ ideas make us smile, but their contribution was the next step on our upstairs way to experience of an environment around us more fully. And they were right in the main thing – The Higher Principle exists.

Darvin, who showed us a real flowing of biological evolution in our physical level, also was not the last link in the theory. It is necessary to complete another spiral convolution in the synthetical theory of evolution today and put the issue: “Where did the human being come from?” It is clear that neither from Pithecanthropus nor Australopithecus. Nobody argues that the Earth had them, it is possible that they even had evolved – as far as possible in a biological evolution (as to origin and destination – this is another question that is considering in this book).

It is known that in the geological niche which is recognized by science Cro-Magnon is separated from the latest found human (monkeys) bones for a half million years. It has an impression that Homo Sapiens appeared from nowhere, a ready-made culture within which is head and shoulders above primitive aches. Evidence can be found (and they have already found facts) that humanity had not been hoarding knowledge during its “development” but had been losing it – till definite moment in the past – and after that this thing began and we call it “our civilization”.

What do we know nowadays, indeed? How much of that knowledge has left? It is the highest time for paying our attention to HUMANITY SPIRITUAL HERITAGE. "М-м-м" – our insecure reader will think, but all that is written in here has already floated in the air. Just it was tried to summarize something in this work.

1998 March - 2001 September

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